Poster of 'Dr. Cabbie'
Poster of 'Dr. Cabbie'Facebook

The trailer of "Dr Cabbie," featuring Katrina Kaif's younger sister Isabel Kaif has been unveiled.

Backed by Salman Khan Films (SKF), the upcoming flick has Isabel opposite Kunal Nayyar of "Big Bang Theory" fame. However, the actress as assumed previously does not feature as the lead star.

The trailer centres round Vinay Virmani who plays the role of a young doctor, named Deepak Chopra who moves to foreign shores in search of a perfect job. However, he ends up as taxi driver and later goes on to modify his cab into a mobile clinic.

The plot of the film appears a tad ridiculous, but the trailer looks all fun and enjoyable.

American actress Adrianne Palicki is the lead actress opposite Virmani. Lillete Dubey makes a strong presence as Virmani's mother role.

The one minute 25 seconds trailer hardly shows Isabel, and the young starlet is seen in only two prominent clips.

Directed by Jean-Fran├žois Pouliot, Salman Khan's first international production appears to be a quirky comedy and has a definite Bollywood feel to it.

The film has been set for 19 September release date and given the film's subject on medical-assistance, Khan is supposedly quite keen to associate it. The superstar is expected to promote the film extensively prior its release.

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