Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan at “Dhoom 3” merchandise launch eventVarinder Chawla

Superstar Aamir Khan spoke about matters close to his heart at a recent media event.

The 48-year-old accomplished actor who is awaiting the release of YRF's "Dhoom 3" said the film's story "mesmerized and moved" him. The actor's professional approach is well known and he is said to have taken ample time to fit in the role of a gymnast to perfection.

Speaking at the India Today event, the star revealed that his life's most valuable lessons were from his failed movies. "I have learnt most with my failed projects, those are my biggest learnings in life. My failures have taught me a lot," he noted.

Aamir, despite being one of the top actors in the industry said that he has no insecurities and is not competitive with his contemporaries.  "I liked Ranbir in 'Barfi!', Sanjay (Dutt) in 'Munnabhai.' I don't have this competitive feeling"

For his dear friend Salman Khan he opined: "Salman is a bigger star than me, I feel, he is a powerhouse of star power. I enjoy his films, liked 'Dabangg'. Salman just has to move his belt up and down and people will go crazy. I feel happy about this, not sad."

The actor confessed about not being good at multi-tasking but said that after several years he has been working simultaneously in two films, "Dhoom 3" and "Peekay" and has now started the second season of his social reality show, "Satyamev Jayate".

Speaking about his personal life, the maverick actor explained how Kiran and he feel wonderful and blessed for having Azad. "Despite being self centered and work committed, I feel I have been a good father and good husband."

Aamir completed 25 years in the industry recently, but the actor feels he hasn't aged as he still acts like a teenager and shares the same inquisitive tendency as before.