After Sushant Singh Rajput ended his life, nepotism reemerged as one of the most glaring debates that have been taking place in Bollywood. This has led to factions amongst netizens as well, taking a stand on the matter. Tweets and posts supposedly 'exposing' Bollywood's reality have been making the rounds.

Kamaal R Khan recently posted about the nepotism in Bollywood and he claimed that big production houses had banned Sushant Singh Rajput. Now, Salman Khan fans have slammed the movie critic and have begun trending #FakeKRKRealCulpritOfSushant calling out KRK's hypocrisy. 

Salman Khan, Sushant Singh Rajput and Kamaal R Khan

KRK slammed by Salman Khan fans on Twitter

Sushant Singh Rajput's death shocked both the industry and the country. His decision to end his life sparked a huge debate over nepotism and ill-treatment of actors in Bollywood, those who were not starkids. The issue has gotten out of hand as many on both sides of the debate have raised issues about the industry's functioning.

One of the early tweets that marked the start of this raging debate was Kamaal R Khan's list of big production houses that had banned Sushant Singh Rajput. Now, Salman Khan fans are hitting back at KRK over the matter, the actor's production house was named in the list as well. There have been allegations against the actor from Abhinav Kashyap and many others, however, the actor's family have dismissed the allegations.

Today, Salman Khan fans or 'Salmaniacs' as they call themselves have been trending #FakeKRKRealCulpritOfSushant. The tweets include KRK's tweets which bullied and targeted Sushant as a 'flop actor' and made fun of the late actor. They held KRK responsible for bullying the actor. 

Kamaal R Khan has spoken on the matter and took to his Instagram earlier today and called the tweets 'photo-shopped':

He further wrote on Twitter that he will continue to support Sushant and will produce a biopic on the actor as well:

The police investigation is on into what pushed Sushant Singh Rajput to end his life, police are also looking into the professional rivalry angle.