Salman Khan is doing another film, this time he will be playing a cop. Not just any cop, a Sikh cop, hold on, it doesn't end there. He will be doing the film with Aayush Sharma who will be playing a gangster on the run. The untitled film will be relesed this year-end or early 2021.

Salman fans are used to seeing their favourite actor play cops and robbers in his own style and with unmatched swag. But the loyal fans who should be rejoicing are actually against this idea.

Salman Khan
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In light of the star's new film, fans trend DONT WANT AAYUSH SHARMA

Usually, when Salman Khan announces a film his fans are the first to applaud the star and promote it. This time, they're not impressed, to say the least. The reaction has led to hilarity, as Salman fans on Twitter are trending DONT WANT AAYUSH SHARMA. 

Aayush Sharma, Salman's brother-in-law, married to Arpita Khan who was last seen in Loveyatri which was a critical and commercial failure. The uproar online that burst today comes from the fact that fans of the star believe that the young actor is not suited for the role, and are hoping the superstar decides against casting family members in his films.

Take a look at the hilarious outcry:

If the trend tells us anything it's that the disappointment is real. We can only wonder how the star might react to the uproar.