Saksham Jain
Saksham Jain

Where delhi has given Shahrukh Khan, Akshay Kumar and many big actors. Delhi is also giving some more talented singers like Saksham Jain.

Saksham is a new rising singing star in Bollywood. He belongs to a Delhi. He has given many soulful sings in Bollywood and he's also working an independent music as he has huge potential.

Saksham had won the hearts of million by producing got tracks. He had fascinates big directors and production houses with his writing and composition skills and have signed many projects.

Saksham is blessed with a soulful voice and composes music effortlessly. He has given many breathtaking performances in recent years with his debut track Brown Beauty with Zee music co. and his recently released Tenu Bhul Jaunga with Sony music co.

Saksham is a complete professional and have good sense of composing music and programming.

His songs on YouTube have many viewers and subscribers. He has created his space in Bollywood as well as in audiences hearts.

There is a long way to go. We hope for his best and bright future. May god give all the happiness and sing lots of songs.

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