Jayam Ravi, Trisha Krishnan and Anjali starrer "Sakalakala Vallavan", which was earlier named "Appa Takkar", is a romantic-comedy movie. The movie has garnered mixed reviews from netizens.

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Sakthi (Jayam Ravi) and Chinnabuthi (Soori) are enemies, who often indulge in fights. Sakthi is in love with Selvi (Anjali) but situation forces him to marry Divya (Trisha Krishnan), who is loved by Chinnabuthi.

However, Divya seeks divorce from Sakthi and he agrees but on one condition that she should stay in his village for a month. What happens next is the interesting part of the story.

"Sakalakala Vallavan" has opened to mixed reviews. The audience say that the storyline is not fresh and characterisations are weak. But there is lots of comedy and glamour to keep the cine-goers entertained. People can enjoy the film if they do not bother about logics. Jayam Ravi is good, Trisha is colourful and Anjali looks glamarous. Soori steals the show.

TamilPlex Wrote
#SakalakalaVallavan is harmless and entertaining & sometimes, that's all a movie needs to be!
#SakalakalaVallavan is a laugh-riot. Just the right balance of comedy, action and emotions. A second consecutive HIT for @actor_jayamravi

Sreedhar Pillai Wrote
#SakalakalaVallavan - 2/5. Outdated,typical 70's 80's crass masala mix . The laugh is on the audiences. Low brow comedy, too long.
#SakalakalaVallavan - 2/5. Soori gets slapped by everybody,Rajendran shouts @Actor_Vivek is ok, @actor_jayamravi is earnest but film is not

Sidhu Posted
#SakalakalaVallavan: The best thing about it is that it isnt as horrible as Alex Pandian. Well, they could have left that title alone.
#SakalakalaVallavan: Regular fare. Few good comics, flashy costumes, a sizable cast and some sleaze constitute this typical Suraaj film.
Pissed with the high level of women objectification in #SakalakalaVallavan. There is even a scene where Soori advices Ravi to beat up Trisha
Maybe that's why Hari is considered a step above all the commercial directors in this age. Even his worst films respect women very well.

Average Ratings Given by Audience: 2.5

Kaushik LM Tweeted
#Sakalakalavallavan 1st half - Very clich├ęd, sparsely entertaining .. Depends on #Soori's presence & #Anjali's glam factor. Testing !!
Seeing #Sakalakalavallavan - #Anjali a nalla vechu senjrukaanga!! In the Sadhigaari song, her costumes are damn skimpy .. U certificate vera

Vishwanathan_Mercy Posted
Watching #SakalakalaVallavan in #Satyam @Chennai. Feeling existing @actor_jayamravi bro @trishtrashers and @yoursanjali

Only Kollywood Wrote
#SakalakalaVallavan - A brash,stale movie like this doesn't add any value to the career graphs of actors such as #JayamRavi #Trisha #Anjali.
yoursanjali Pls dont choose movies like #SakalakalaVallavan . You have proved urself as a fine actress. Why turn to such glamour! Gud luck
#SakalakalaVallavan - Swimming scene and cycling scene in #JayamRavi - #Anjali romance!! Hmm !! Director nalla feel panirkaaru. #Glamour
#SakalakalaVallavan - B C centers may go watch it.. But for the betterment of the industry, it is better that such films don't happen often
#SakalakalaVallavan -Avoidable. Just a few laughs here and there. Fails to work despite the presence of leading actors. As old as it can get
#SakalakalaVallavan - A typical Suraaj premise which has space for all the commercial ingredients. Ravi's liveliness is the USP. #Interval

Arunkumar Posted
Just watched #Sakalakalavallavan Time pass entertainer Jayam ravi Soori Rajendran Vivek rocks :) @trishtrashers looks Stunning & cute

Ajay Wrote
Watched an early screening of #SakalakalaVallavan. 1.75/5. Another wasted product from Suraj, who fails to leave minimum impact.

Karthik Dhandapani Wrote
#SakalakalaVallavan Full length comedy entertainer wit superb timing frm Soori & @actor_jayamravi combo. @Actor_Vivek does a cracker cameo^2
#SakalakalaVallavan Rajendran is at his usual best. @yoursanjali fits her role perfectly. Prabhu & Radha Ravi does their part perfectly
#SakalakalaVallavan @trishtrashers in a dfrnt role frm usual soft roles she had played #AngryBird v T compliments wit her neat performance
#SakalakalaVallavan comes wit a good message of how a couple shud live complimenting each other even with their differences. @lmmiltd
#SakalakalaVallavan First half is fast paced while 2nd half is cliched and drags towards the end. Songs are colourful and tap worthy.

Ck Mohammed Wrote
#SakalakalaVallavan first half : Simply waste, erotic #Anjali throughout & best part is censor board has certified an 'U' certificate
Halfway through the film, Patrons have just walked out of screen! #SakalakalaVallavan #Appatakkar #AlexPandian scenario repeats.
@amarnath708 only #Anjali is worth watching a 'BIT' #SakalakalaVallavan #Appatakkar