Lee Gyum might make a shocking revelation to King Joongjong in Saimdang episode 9.Facebook/SBS

Saimdang: Light's Diary, also known as Saimdang: The Herstory, will be back with episode 9 next Wednesday, February 22, at 10pm KST on SBS. It will pick up right from where it left off Lee Gyum and his lover in episode 8.

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It would have been difficult for the title character to get an admission for his son Hyun Ryoung at Jungbu School without the male protagonist's interference. But she does not seem to be very happy to know about it.

Ever since Whieumdang Choi came to know that his rival's son is trying to join the educational institute, she was adamant about creating obstacles for him and his mother. At first, she called up all the mothers and asked them to raise their objections.

However, when Song Seung-heon's character came up with an idea to select the right candidate through a competition, the mothers agreed. This time, the female antagonist was determined to train an average kid from Jeolla Province named Tae-ryong to compete with Shin Saimdang's son.

When Oh Yoon-ah's character came to know that it's very difficult to prepare the boy for the competition, she even got the questions leaked. Before the contest began, Lee Gyum came to know about it and he came up with another plan to judge the students.

When the male protagonist decided to select both the students, Whieumdang Choi could not control her anger and executed her next move to insult her rival. Towards the end of the episode, the mothers paid a visit to the female protagonist.

From their conversation, she came to know that her former lover helped Hyun Ryoung get the admission. So she decided to meet him personally to inform him that she does not need his help.

The promo for episode 9 begins with a conversation between the onscreen couple, wherein Shin Saimdang informs Lee Gyum, "I cannot accept your help."

The sneak peek video then focuses on the next evil move by the female antagonist. It shows her challenging the female lead and provoking her to draw something depicting Unpyeong. If she continues to bother her rival, Lee Gyum will be left with no other option than to reveal her real identity to the world.

Watch Saimdang episode 9 next Wednesday at 10pm KST to know more. Until then, catch up with the first eight episodes of the Korean mini-series online here.