Shine Tom Chacko and Ramya Nambeesan's "Saigal Padukayanu" has been released on 2 October in 43 screens in Kerala without much publicity.

"Saigal Padukayanu" tells the story of a music enthusiast Chandrababu (Shine), who inherited the skill from his singer-father. But his passion for music does not benefit him much other than singing at weddings. In order to lead a proper family life, he becomes an auto rickshaw driver.

Sibi Malayail and TA Razak's "Saigal Padukayanu", set in the backdrop of Kozhikode in Kerala, is a tribute to music and the travails a creative person has to go through. 

Remya is seen as Chandrababu's wife Deepa and it is said that the actress has delivered one of her best performances till date in the film. 

The film also has yesteryear actors Sithara and Madhupal in pivotal roles.

Check out the review round-up of "Saigal Padukayanu" below:

Lensman Reviews 2/5

oaked in outdated dramatic style, this "de addiction" movie never really touches the heart with its content or the performances. Publicized as a musical film, Saigal Padukayanu has these excerpts of unplugged versions of classic hits which sort of help the movie in being enjoyable occasionally. If you are someone who likes extreme melodrama on screen Saigal Padukayanu may work for you. The rating for this Sibi Malayil movie is 2/5. Chances of someone quitting that bad habit after seeing this chain of clich├ęs is quite low.

India glamour

The person who steals the movie is Remya, who played Tom's wife. This is without doubt the best role of her career so far. Sibi Malayil did an excellent job with 'Saigal Padukayanu'; this movie is a good one. Music director M. Jayachandran's work made the movie even better.

Overall verdict: 'Saigal Padukayanu' is a must see for all music lovers.

Mollywood Times - 7.5/10

The movie is a musical tribute to the common man and his struggles to balance a creative and practical life. The two plains of life, passion and profession are well dissected in this simple but powerful movie.

Shine Tom Chacko seems a little awkward in places that demands more emotional engagement, but the actor survives with a satisfactory performance in the end. The actor steadily progresses with the struggles of Chandrababu to find a balance between his passion and profession.

Saigal Padukayanu is for those who like listening to old melodies with a touch a nostalgia, the ones for whom "time" matters.

Movie Today

"Saigal Padukayanu" can be called as a typical Sibi Malayil film. The film has some amazing performances of the actors. The major highlight of the film is it strong sentiments, which is seen in the second half of the movie.