Saif Ali Khan
Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan Reuters

Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan will soon be crowned the new Nawab of Pataudi, following the death of his father - Mansoor Ali Khan on September 22, 2011. The Chhote Nawab is likely to be crowned the tenth Nawab by the end of this month.

The Indian government no longer recognises the title "Nawab" but Saif has decided to take the title, after judging the sentiments of the people of Pataudi. The actor said that he would take the title to keep his family tradition alive.

Of course, the title means more responsibility for the actor. He may not rule Pataudi but the people will still look up to him during hard times. He also has to look after his father's estate, ancestral home, a eye hospital and other charitable institutions started by his father.

It may be recalled that Saif's father, Mansoor Ali Khan, ruled the princely Pataudi state in Haryana from 1952 to 1971.