Sadie hugs her little brother while crying                                                                                                YouTube/Screenshot

A video of a five-year-old girl Sadie, who loves her baby brother too much, has gone viral on social networking sites.

Sadie loves her one-year-old brother so much that she doesn't want him to grow up. A 57 second video was uploaded by a YouTube user Alex Miller on 28 July and it has received more than 8 million views, at the time of reporting.

Can't wait to see the video? Watch it below.

In the video, the little girl heartbreakingly reveals that she wants her baby brother to be the same forever.

"I don't want him to grow up!" sobs the five-year-old kissing the baby. She said that he is so cute and discloses her fear of death by telling, "I don't wanna die when I'm a hundred."

The sister, who is fond of her brother watches his reactions while crying, and responds to it by saying, "Oh, you are so cute and I love your cute little smiles!" 

Though videos of children are always welcomed by viewers, this is one of the special heart-touching videos. Here are some of the comments by the viewers.

Michael Warbux, one of the viewers opined, "You know the best part about this video? EVERYTHING! I sure hope Sadie continues to be this cool of sister when they get older. You're lucky to have such great kids. Stay awesome and congrats ongoing viral!"

Marwan's Music commented, "The baby's reaction is priceless. He just stares and smiles not knowing what's going on. Life must be great as a baby."

Anestis 1971 said, "GOD I miss my kids right now!"

Olive B has responded to the video, "this is adorable! :) No matter how many times I watch this, it makes me smile. :)"

kab4292 commented, "That was almost a lethal combination of sadness and cuteness at the same time. She is in tears clearly really heartbroken and the baby brother smiles at her.."