The Khelo India Youth Games are being organised in eight different cities in 2023. Games will be organised in cities like - Bhopal, Indore, Jabalpur, Gwalior, Ujjain, Mandala and Balaghat. One match will also be held in New Delhi. Amid all this, a Twitter user has shared a picture of a DD Sports using an Excel sheet to show the match score instead of a graphic score board.

DD Sports
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What the original tweet showed

While many on social media have found this funny, many are worried about the poor state of sports in the country. "DD Sports is telecasting Khelo India Games. And instead of creating a separate scoreboard graphic they are just showing an Excel sheet," a Twitter user wrote while sharing the picture of a laptop. The user further added, "Couple of additional comments - the Excel is 2007 version, and Windows is not even activated."

Social media reacts

The tweet so far has got over 210 k views and 340 retweets. "Excel 2007. 15 years of no update," a user commented. "Activate windows on the right corner," another one commented. "Simplicity and utility based activity....," one more social media user wrote. "Pirated windows," another social media user wrote.

"Good that they dint use cardboard and pink chart sheets which we did during school days," a Twitter user shared. "They must be tight on budget guys. No harm in trying," one more Twitter user opined. "Honestly who watches DD sports? I quite it long before; couldn't handle the lame commentaries and unprofessional broadcasting," a Twitterati mentioned.

Mixed reactions...

"Sad. @ddsportschannel couldn't find any technical experts in this vast country?," another Twitterati mentioned. "@IndiaSports for all the great work done in the previous Khelo India's this is embarrassing! We need to get our act together and our broadcasting has to become top notch if we want our youth to embrace sports!!," one more user commented.