Looks like the team of "Saath Nibhaana Saathiya" is having some major issues sharing the screen space with each other.

After young actresses Tanya Sharma (Meera) and Sonam Lamba (Vidya) got involved in a major fight on the sets apparently due to their insecurities with screen space, two senior actresses are reported facing similar issues.

Rupal Patel (Kokila) and Vandana Pathak (Gaura), who plays best friends-turned-enemies on the show, are not in good terms with each other in real life as well.

According to reports, since the beginning of the show, Rupal's character has been hogging the limelight. But with the entry of an equally important character played by Vandana, the screen space is being shared by the two, resulting in a friction between the senior actresses.

However, both Rupal and Vandana have denied the buzz.

"This is a completely different set and experience. I am used to working with people who connect and rehearse and have fun working with each other. But here, people prefer to keep to themselves and I think it is justified because every one can't be the same. Rupal is a professional and we do greet each other every day. We are just two different people," The Times of India quoted Vandana as saying.

When asked the same to Rupal, the actress stated that there is no competition between them. "I have always maintained a cordial relationship with all my colleagues. Also, I am not playing a negative character in this show; I am playing a strong balanced woman, so there is no question of competition here. I am an introvert and don't talk too much on the sets. It's just not 'me' but that does not mean I don't get along with anyone," added the actress.