'Sex Education in India'
East India Comedy's 'Sex Education in India'.YouTube screenshot

East India Comedy's latest video "Sex Education in India", which mocks the suggestion made by India's new Health Minister Harsh Vardhan, is becoming a hit among internet users.

The 7-minute, 49-second video was uploaded on YouTube on 14 July and has now gone viral. It has been viewed more than 14.3 lakh times, at the time of filing this report.

The satirical video, directed by Sapan Verma and written by Azeem Banatwalla as well as Verma, was uploaded by East India Comedy. Siddharth Vasani is the director of photography.

"The health ministry of India recently suggested that sex education be banned in the country. We look at India's attitude towards sex through a "government approved" sex education lecture. This video is a work of fiction that bears no resemblance to any human being living, dead, or abstaining from sex," the group posted as video description.

The video mocks an Indian sex education class and how teachers shy away from discussing the topic in the class.

In the video, we can see a teacher struggling with a government-approved syllabus. The teacher gives classes on sex education in such a way that there is no mention of the word 'sex' and by showing blacked-out diagrams.

Also, the teacher only uses Hindi terms such as 'yown sangam', instead of English words while referring to sex. However, one of the students finally reacts to this, by asking the teacher to say the word sex, which goes "sa, se, sex".

And when student asks the teacher what happens during wedding night, the teacher replies: "The boy inserts his Indian culture into the female values".

The video ends with the message: "Sex is not a stigma, Ignorance is!"

If you want sex education Desi style, here you go: 

The video has had an overwhelming response on Twitter and Facebook.