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The much-awaited Allu Arjum movie, "S/O Satyamurthy", has finally hit the screens. Reviews of the Trivikram directorial by various critics are also out.

Most critics do not deny the fact that the movie is a mass entertainer with all flavours of a "masala" flick, but some of them opine that Trivikram has come up with yet another flick whose theme has been tried and tested many times before. The story and plot of the movie has also been termed as average.

Like always, the movie is all about Allu Arjun and his performance and dance - which critics say is a treat for the fans. The performance of other actors is also commendable. The dialogues, cinematography, art and costumes are also praiseworthy.

This biggest drawback, which most critics point out, is its predictability and its length.

Here are the reviews of "S/O Satyamurthy" by various critics:

AP Today

Allu Arjun: He excelled as an actor and given his career best performance in few scenes, especially the sequence where Protagonist explains to Samantha about his Father. Upped the Style Quotient, Maintained Dignity, Exhibits Emotions to Perfection and Danced Superbly to walk away with the top honors.

Samantha as the Love Interest of Protagonist is good enough. Adah Sharma looks gorgeous. Upendra as Devaraj, a powerful village strongman, is just perfect. Sneha is apt for the role of Devaraj's Wife. Nithya Menon makes her presence felt playing Devaraj's Sister. Rajendra Prasad produces few laughs with his mannerisms and comic timing. Brahmanandam excels in few scenes. Ali plays a full-length role. Kota Srinivas Rao, Rao Ramesh, Sampath and MS Narayana have done justice to their roles.

123 Telugu

Story of the film is routine and has been dealt many a times before. Length of the film is a tad too long as many scenes could have been easily edited. After a certain point of time, the film gets slightly predictable. Nithya Menen's role lacks proper justification, and it is quite surprising to see an actress of her calibre accept such a small role.

First ​half is quite simple as the entertainment quotient is ​slightly less during this time. The movie starts on an emotional note and moves forward with nothing much interesting happening during the first half.

Telugu Mirchi

S/O Satyamurthy" is a romantic comedy film with all the necessary ingredients. The movie is a perfect family-cum-youth entertainer. The film entertains classes as well as masses equally. Dances, Dialogues, Comedy and Picturization makes this a watchable movie.

There are more films that have dramatized relationship with mothers. "S/O Satyamurthy" is one of the few rare films that gives utmost importance to father. "S/O Satyamurthy" is a tribute to every father.

Daily India

Son Of Satyamurthy, might fall short of expectations especially with the hype surrounding it. It lacks the repeat value as well as feel good factor, first half is passable while second half falls flat, climax is savior though, Trivikram's half baked direction and improper utilization of star cast make it just one time watch movie.You can try it once, it might not completely entertain you but at the same time will not completely disappoint you.