Ryan Gosling is undoubtedly a rare specimen in Hollywood. It's not every day when you get to witness a man with a baby face, adorable expressions, play both offbeat characters and romantic heroes, all the while dancing to a musical.

His quality of being powerfully mysterious and fashionable lies in his old-fashioned way of being yourself while entering the glamourous world of Hollywood. 

Ryan Gosling

Die-hard fans of Hollywood would remember Ryan Gosling from the early 1990s when he was dressed in white, singing 'Cry For You' (originally composed by Jodeci) from The All New Mickey Mouse Club.

No one could have predicted that four of the boys, Dale Godboldo,  JC Chasez, Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling who were on stage would go on to become famous in different walks of life.  

We love all the four boys but since it's Ryan Gosling's birthday we will write only about him!  

Ryan Gosling, went on to become a human meme,  an ideal Hollywood daddy, a Golden Globe awardee, an Oscar nominee, and star of films such as La La Land, The Notebook, Half Nelson, Drive.

For most Hollywood viewers, it was a rare evolution that a child you once sang, 'Everything I do,' while enacting emotions, went on to be at par with the likes of Leonardo Di Caprio, Johnny Depp, Ryan Reynolds. He is one Oscar away from being a Canadian legend. 

Ryan Gosling became a star without the help of superhero films in his filmography. Using the superhero reference since most of the Chris of Hollywood, Evan, Hemsworth, Pratt and Pines, gained superstardom after their roles in Marvel DC Comics films. Ryan is a legitimate performer who may not have shown any particular pattern in his selection of film but kept his dedication alive while simply doing his job.

His filmography has no pattern. From being a part of the Mickey Mouse Club, to The United States of Leland, to Half Nelson, and the unforgettable performance in The Notebook, Gosling has just proved that even with his baby face, he can be extremely versatile. 

2011: The many faces of Gosling

Ryan Gosling was probably the busiest Hollywood actor in the year 2011 when he was seen in various roles such as Drive, Crazy Stupid Love, The Ides Of March. He may have received a lot of praises for raising his financial curve in Hollywood, but he was far from being called, prolific. He was well aware that to be on the top there will be various hurdles but he never parted ways from his calm expression. Perhaps, that's why Gosling has occupied an individual space in the minds of the audience and Hollywood. 

He is undoubtedly an alpha male who warmly embraces his feminine side and the inner child. A-lister Ryan is a lot like the common people who laugh at the wrong moment. Remember in 2017, when La La Land lost the best picture award to Moonlight? 

He became a leading man after his career-defining film, The Notebook, but he didn't stop there. Even in his off-screen life, he went on to become a spokesperson for the humanitarian crisis in West Africa, gender pay-gap and much more. While we remained patient he unexpectedly awarded us with La La Land. 

Ryan Gosling and the unforgettable La La Land. 

La La Land was a unique cinematic experience waiting to happen.  La La Land told you a love story, that too a sad one but never have you felt happier after walking out of the hall. Sebastian wants novelty but club owners want fashionable modern music. He meets Mia who also does a soul-killing job to survive in Los Angeles.

Many viewers may not have agreed with the content line of La La Land but the film undoubtedly restored our faith in the magic of cinematography, frames. For the longest time, we almost forgot that cinema was more about experiencing colour, zoom, sunset, an be a part of a surreal world while being purely conscious that you have to step out of the hall and face a separate reality. Even the sad ending doesn't bother you, since the film brought colour back in your life. 

It was a huge risk for Ryan Gosling to try and be the Classical Hollywood star, a concept that had evolved over times and no longer exists. Hardly did he know that he will be setting a new standard in the cultural landscape of Hollywood.

The following year,  two other Hollywood A-lister, Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron followed his footsteps and made The Greatest Showman, thereby bringing back what cinema was originally meant to be. A pure form of entertainment. 

To sum up, Ryan Gosling has is made of various interesting components: A rare talent, Hollywood's leading man, an action star, romantic hero, a father of two girls, married to a woman of colour. He seems to care less about being a part of the 'woke culture' and puts more attention in the 'work culture'. He doesn't chase fame but finds a way to be in the limelight anyway. Perhaps the wise men were correct about embracing the quality that makes you unique, else it is a waste of the person who you are.