Ryan Gosling will celebrate his 35th birthday on (Thursday) 12 November, 2015. While "The Notebook" actor has a reason to celebrate in large scale this year, given that his net worth has reportedly reached $30 million, but the fans are curious to know with whom will he share his special day -- will it be his long-time partner Eva Mendes and daughter Esmeralda or his "La la Land" co-star Emma Stone?

We already know that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield's relationship has been in the news for almost the whole of 2015, but now, fresh reports have suggested that they have officially called it off. And the person allegedly blamed for this breakup is Ryan Gosling and his growing closeness to Emma Stone.

Though various reports have suggested that stories about Ryan Gosling, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are just a part of a promotional stunt for "La La Land", the fans still believe that there could be some truth in these tales and that Gosling may spend his birthday with Stone, amid Andrew Garfield break-up rumours.

On the other hand, a few reports also suggest that Mendes and Gosling's relationship seems to be growing stronger because of their 14-month-old daughter, Esmeralda. After the couple was spotted having a blast on Halloween together along with their daughter, the buzz went wild that Esmeralda is the only thing that has kept the actors together.

But that's just eyewash, reported OK! Magazine. "They're amicable in front of Esmeralda. But once she's tucked into bed, the tensions surface. They spend all their time either arguing or in complete silence. It's not pretty," a source told the magazine.

According to the report Ryan and Eva used to dine at a neighbourhood restaurant Little Dom's in L.A.'s Los Feliz together all the time, but that has changed now. "I used to see Eva and Ryan there all the time, and they looked really happy together. But not anymore," an insider revealed.

Well, Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes have always kept their private lives under wraps, but now with Emma Stone in the picture, it looks like its not very private anymore.

Now, the fans are waiting to see whether Ryan Gosling spends his 35th birthday with Eva Mendes or Andrew Garfield's girlfriend Emma Stone?