Alexandra Mitroshina
Alexandra Mitroshina

There's no doubt in saying that nothing beats women power and there are many people who have proved that women are equal to men. Alexandra Mitroshina is that name who has been taking over the internet with her work. She is a public figure, writer, journalist, blogger and a radio host who is a strong supporter of feminism. A feminist activist, she is the founder and supporter of 'I did not want to die' movement. Born on June 27, 1994, in Russia, she completed her graduation from the Moscow High School No. 1080, the MSU Faculty of Journalism (2015).

In 2017, she did her Master of media production in creative industries from the Higher School of Economics Faculty of Communications, Media and Design. However, she developed her love to work at a very early age and got into the field of journalism in 2010 when she began working for a local newspaper then. Alexandra has been active in work since 2014 and has published reviews on the latest gadgets on tech websites like Mail.Ru and Besides this, she had been a karate coach to the kids and the years 2015 to 2017, saw her working as a producer and presenter of the radio show 'City Automobility' at Moskva FM radio station.

A strong supporter of women empowerment which she is, Mitroshina is also a founder of a project called 'YouAreNotAlone' which aims to help the victims of domestic violence. She became a blogger in 2016 and gradually with time, her content picked up on the internet. Today she has a following of 2 million followers on Instagram and has more than 160K subscribers on her YouTube channel which is an achievement in itself. The same year, she published her book 'Private Instagram blogs promotion: step-by-step manual' which got a thumbs up from everyone.

When we talk about women's rights, Alexandra Mitroshina is one such activist who is fighting for all the women out there. She even launched a flashmob to support women protesting against home violence decriminalization. At such a young age, the blogger has made a name for herself and there's no stopping for her. All we can say is, more power to you girl!

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