What Russia did for France, apart from pledging support in the war against the Islamic State after the Paris attacks, can only be seen as a very heartwarming gesture in times of violent struggles. 

On Monday, a German Shepherd puppy was given to the French Police in the French embassy in Moscow to replace the police dog, named Diesel, who lost its life on November 18 during a raid conducted to look for Abelhamid Abaaoud, the alleged mastermind of the Paris attacks in Saint-Denis.

Diesel, a Belgian Shepherd, who was due to retire in a few months, had entered the premises of the terrorist after the firing stopped to conduct a reconnaissance and got fatally shot.

Offering condolences to the dead police dog, netizens shared photographs of their dogs with the hashtag #JesuisDiesel.

Russia's Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Igor Zubov handed the puppy, named Dobrynya, to Jean Maurice Ripert, the French ambassador to Russia. His wife, Yael, also accompanied him during the ceremony.

Dobrynya, a historical and legendary character in Russian history is known as a hero-knight.

The French embassy quoted Ripert as saying that both countries were "victims of the same terrorist actions," and called the gift a "touching gesture." He also added, "it shows the relations between Russia and France quite well".

The French Ambassador, Ripert, with Dobrynya in his arms and a joyous expression on his face gave the speech at the embassy.