Russia has now sent in its most advanced all-weather, heavy assault gunship - Mi 35M - to Syria, where Moscow has been conducting an air campaign against the Islamic State (Isis) terrorists in the region. 

The Mi-35M (NATO Designation Hind-E) in its combat role can destroy armoured vehicles, damage tanks, and fight other helicopters. It is also used for transporting combat troops in war zones and evacuating the wounded.

The most modern Russian helicopter can operate at night and in adverse weather conditions.

According to Military Today, the helicopter also comes fitted with new generation, jam-proof communications equipment.

The heavy-assault helicopter would have come in handy for Russia, especially in scenarios such as the rescue mission its air force undertook to save its pilots who ejected from their warplane after it was shot down by Turkey last month.

According to Russian Helicopters, the Mi 35M is highly-manoeuvrable in mountainous terrain as it has enhanced flight capabilities, which makes it an apt choice for missions in the Latakia region.

The presence of the Mi 35M in Syria was confirmed by Russia Today, which released a new video from the Hmeymim air base in Latakia, on Friday.

Commenting on deployment of the advanced Russian attack helicopter in Syria, The Aviationist wrote:  "The sighting of the Mi-35Ms marks the arrival of another modern weapons system within the ranks of the contingent Russia has unleashed against terrorists in Syria along with Su-30SMs, Su-34s, Kalibr, S-400 and Kilo-class sub (to name but few)."