Rupesh Paul and Aurore Nouailhas
Rupesh Paul and Aurore NouailhasFacebook

After making headlines for posing with a topless "French actress" at the Cannes Film Festival 2015, director Rupesh Paul has reportedly been slammed by the French woman on social networking site Facebook.

A photo of the "Kamasutra 3D" director with a topless woman recently went viral on social media. Reports suggested that the woman was a "French actress", who stripped for the director to get a role in his films.

After the news went viral, Aurore Nouailhas, the French artist, reportedly slammed the director for the fake news on Facebook, in which she says that the photo was taken while she was attending the Cannes to make a feminist performance about the right of being topless.

"I am not a fan of Rupesh Paul and I dunno who the f**k he was before he said that I am a big fan of him and post a photo with me, half naked at Cannes festival. He just asked, "Ohw, we can take a picture", like a lot of people (who was just interested in seeing boobs probably) and we took it, Nouailhas posted.

Aurore Nouailhas Facebook post against Rupesh Paul
Aurore Nouailhas Facebook post against 'Kamasutra 3D' director Rupesh Paul.Facebook

In the recent post, the 19-year-old also claims that she is not an actress, but only a not-so-popular art student.

Paul also posted a reply to the French woman, in which he mentioned that he never told anyone that she is his fan and it was just the creation of media.

However, the director's new statement is contradicting as he had shared the "cooked-up" news articles on his Facebook page on 19 May with the caption: "Even if u want to become naked, you have to wear nudity."

Rupesh paul had shared the news article on his Facebook page
Rupesh paul had shared the news article on his Facebook pageRupesh Paul/Facebook

Check his reply to Aurore Nouailhas on Facebook below:

Dear all,

‪#‎aurore‬ nouailhas

I don't deny the fact that I enjoyed the publicity I got for the movies due to the controversial story of Cannes.
 Especially when publicity is costlier than making movie these days.

But I want to clarify these points.
 1. I had never told anyone that she is my fan. It was spiced up in some news desk.
 (I have a Whatsapp copy of the interview in which the journalist ask me 'Is she a fan of you?' for which I said 'no, no')
 2. I remember very well that she introduced herself as an actress ( I still have the brochure she gave me. Can't share here because its all nudity)
 3. I admit that I myself asked her to take a photograph together since I knew very well that nobody would believe, if I don't even have a photograph.
 4. Once someone find a 'news story' in an incident or accident, then things goes out of everyone's hands, like this.

@Aurore Nouailhas, I admit the misunderstanding that has occurred, but never meant to hurt you.