Season 2 episode 3 of "RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars" ended on a very shocking elimination, but the remaining queens need to carry on with their fight to become America's next drag superstar. In the upcoming episode 4, we will see the queens acting in movies sequels to get judged by Ru and her co-judges including Nicole Scherzinger.

Major spoilers for "RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars" Season 2 episode 3 titled "HERstory Of The World" ahead

In the previous episode we saw Katya and Ginger Minj landing in bottom two after failing to impress the judges with their portrays of Princess Diana of Wales and Catherine the Great respectively. Katya seemed to have completely given up hope after her critiques, even accepting that she should probably be eliminated solely based on the judges' feedback.

Meanwhile, Ginger had the desire to fight another day, even though she said she would be sad to see her best friend getting sent home. Alyssa Edwards, one of the top two queens, even commented that she sees the fire in Ginger's eyes when she spoke to her in private, but she did seem two-minded about sending either of them packing.

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After winning lip-sync for her legacy against Detox, Alyssa told Ru that she wants to keep the girl who still has the fire for the game in the competition, and although she herself admitted earlier that Katya seemed defeated, she chose to eliminate Ginger.

Katya is an intelligent queen, who is generally loved by her sisters and fans, so Alyssa's choice in justified. This is also true because Alyssa never agreed to the pact that she would send queens home solely based on judges' critiques, even though that is how Coco and Tatianna were chosen by Roxxxy and Alaska respectively.

In the upcoming Season 2 episode 3 we will see the queens acting in parody sequels to Ru's favourite movies. Singer, songwriter and actress Nicole Scherzinger will join the judges panel for the episode, which will be aired by Logo TV on Thursday, Sept. 15.