Season 2 episode 2 of "RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars" 2 was sickening for many reasons, mainly because this week we are not just one queen down as anticipated, but two queens down, and two of the fiercest queens at that. The remaining seven queens will be seen performing a lip-synching dance number inspired by historical women in the upcoming episode 3 titled "HERstory of the World."

Major spoilers for "RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars" 2 episode 2 ahead:

As fans saw in the premiere episode, Adore was completely heartbroken after her runway critique from Michele Visage and despite being saved Roxxxy, she was still finding it hard to pull herself together ahead of the snatch game. She felt like she didn't fit in with the other queens and told RuPaul that she wants to go home.

Despite repeated attempts by Ru to make Adore change her mind and Michele's apology to make her stay, Adore felt like she had no choice but to leave.

The remaining queens prepared their characters for the Snatch Game, and during the process Phi Phi O'Hara proved that old habits die hard. It looked like she was going around the room and planting seeds in other queens' heads about their Snatch Game characters not being good. 

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Phi Phi told Alyssa that her Joan Crawford was less Joan Crawford and more Alyssa. Although Alyssa didn't pay heed to these remarks, Roxxxy changed her mind about playing Sofia Vergara after Phi Phi told her [according to editing] that her Spanish accent isn't thick enough. She ended playing Alaska, landing herself in the bottom three.

While Ginger Minj and Alyssa found a spot each in the safe zone along with Phi Phi, Nancy Grace yet again proved to be the celebrity that pulls a queen, in this case Detox, down to bottom three. Tatianna, the winner of first Snatch Game in "Drag Race" history, not only failed to repeat herstory, but in fact fell to bottom three after her Ariana Grande impression.

Katya's Björk and Alaska's Mae West were the winners of the challenge, which was coupled with Latex theme on the runway. Despite exceptional critique about her runway look, Detox and Roxxxy still remained in the bottom three.

After a lip sync battle between Katya and Alaska, the latter won $10,000 and the power to send one of the bottom queens home. In the end Ro-Laska-Tox survived and Tatianna was sent home.