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Bollywood actors Taapsee Pannu and Amit Sadh may complement each other on-screen in their movie Running Shaadi, but fail miserably when it comes to engaging the audience. Director Amit Roy tries his best to explore a unique idea but clearly isn't able to execute it in a proper manner.

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Running Shaadi is a website, which helps lovers elope and get married legally. The website is made by Ram Bharose (played by Amit) and his friend Cyber (played by Arsh Bajwa).

The movie talks about Ram Bharose and Nimmi's (played by Taapsee) love story and how Bharose lands in trouble because he couldn't refuse Nimmi's wishes.

The movie was earlier called Running, but the makers had to remove ".com" from the title due to copyright issues and the word even has been blurred and muted in the movie. 

While the first half of Running Shaadi manages to develop some interest, the second half literally runs out of sense.


Running Shaadi has an interesting plot as it revolves around Ram Bharose (played by Amit) and Nimmi's (played by Tapsee) love story. The love between the two, who are childhood sweethearts, starts to fade once Nimmi meets new friends in college. This irks Ram and he decides to get married to a stranger. A heartbroken Ram then attends a wedding with his friend, where the bride elopes with her lover, but gets caught. It's that moment when the idea of Running Shaadi strikes him. Thus, Ram and Cyber make a website that helps lovers elope and get married legally. How Bharose and Nimmi get their love life back on track and how Ram and Cyber run their Running Shaadi website is the crux of the story.


Amit and Taapsee's performances were commendable. The duo's chemistry will give you the patience to sit through the movie. Taapsee has done a wonderful job with her accent, while Arsh, who played Bharose's friend Cyber, has performed really well. The songs and cinematography were amazing. Also Running Shaadi has a strong message that love is equal for everyone irrespective of whether it is gay marriages or inter-caste weddings. 


The second half of the movie will make you want to either sleep or leave the theatre. After the interval, the movie focuses on Nimmi and Bharose's love story and the fact that there is nothing new to the storyline bores you to death. Also, after a while,  Running Shaadi gets quite predictable. 


Overall, the movie is only for staunch fans of Taapsee and Amit. The pace of Running Shaadi is a bit slow and it pretty much crawls after the interval. However, the climax is not what you will expect.