The MBC historical drama Ruler: Master Of The Mask, also known as The Emperor: Owner of the Mask, will be back with episodes 37 and 38 this Wednesday, July 12, at 10 pm KST. The episodes are likely to feature troubled moments for Crown Prince Lee Sun ahead of his crowning ceremony.

The male protagonist could have managed to enter the palace and claim his throne. But it will not be easy for him to make others believe that he is the real King of Joseon. The place is filled with loyal servants of Kim Dae Mok and they will never support him in fear of death.

Han Ga Eun and Mae Chang with the help of Kkomooli are trying their best to find the letter of late King Lee Yoon. Even Dowager Queen has promised to help the Crown Prince. Will the male protagonist succeed in his mission?

Ruler: Master Of The Mask
Crown Prince might risk his life for Han Ga Eun.MBC

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To find out what lies ahead for the onscreen couple and their loved ones, watch Ruler: Master of the Mask episodes 37 and 38 next Wednesday at 10 pm KST. In the meantime, you can catch up with the first 36 episodes online here.

The promo shows ministers asking the male leads to prove their identities. While one of the ministers says, "Which of you is His Majesty? Please prove which one of you is the real king", another minister urges the soldiers to take off their masks.

Ruler: Master Of The Mask
Will the Queen make her next evil move against her legal son?MBC

Immediately, the Crown Prince steps forward. He takes off his mask, giving an opportunity to Jo Tae Ho to accuse him. "Look! He is the impostor. What are you doing? Arrest the impostor," the minister in charge tells the soldiers.

Shortly, Dowager Queen enters and offers a drink to the male protagonist. It could be a poisonous drink, which can help him in proving his identity. However, Dae Mok is probably setting another trap for his rival. "You will self-destruct in a few days. How dare you try to reclaim the throne?" he says in the footage.

Watch the trailer of Ruler: Master Of The Mask below: