Director Gunasekhar's multilingual film "Rudhramadevi" (also spelled as Rudramadevi/Rudrama Devi) featuring actress Anushka Shetty in the title role has received positive reviews from the audiences around the world.

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"Rudhramadevi" is a historical film, based on the life of Rudrama Devi one of the prominent rulers of the Kakatiya dynasty in the Deccan Plateau. Written by Gunasekhar, the movie is about the queen's struggle to save her people and culture. The movie has very interesting storyline and engrossing screenplay with all the necessary elements.

Anushka Shetty has played the title role of Rudrama Devi and her performance is the main highlight of the film. Allu Arjun, Rana Daggubati, Vikramjeet Virk, Prakash Raj, Krishnam Raju, Nithya Menen, Baba Sehgal and Catherine Tresa are in the supporting cast and their performances are also among the big assets of the film, say the audiences, who have watched the film.

"Rudhramadevi" has brilliant production elements that are on par with the Hollywood standards. Ajayan Vincent's cinematography, Ilaiyaraaja's soundtrack and background score, superb VFX works, costumes, art direction, choreography of action and dance are among the major attractions of the movie.

We bring you the viewers' verdict on the movie shared on Twitter. Here is the live update of "Rudhramadevi" movie review by audience:

BVS Ravi ‏@BvsRavi

Few cud hv matched d persona and performance of @alluarjun in #Rudhramadevi Kudos to @Gunasekhar1 for a gigantic effort. Must watch film. #Rudhramadevi showcases #AnushkaShetty as a fantastic performer n none cud hv been an alternative choice for d role. @Gunasekhar1 #Rudramadevi will stay long in the memories of the audiences for the efforts that @Gunasekhar1 singlehandedly put in to realise his dream.

Anand Ranga ‏@AnandRanga

Really liked Rudramadevi. Take a bow Mr.Gunasekar. Anushka pulled it off well. Allu Arjun's character & his dialogues by Rajasimha r superb

Dileep Kumar ‏@DilsoftRaja

Glad to watch #Rudramadevi, A clean film and pleasure to watch. Ilaiaryaaja's BGM is just outstanding as usual. Worth watching in 3D #Gunasekhar made a fantastic historical film #Rudramadevi no doubt its a proud film for Telug auidience who should know their history #Rudramadevi Allu Arjuled ruled as Gona Gannareddy. PrakashRaj and Anushka did their usual best. #Rudramadevi Go and watch without any comparisons with Bahubali. The war scenes are original by #Gunasekhar and he did not copy from HW :)

VamsiKaka ‏@vamsikaka

Anushka Shetty is undoubtedly a Superstar. Her performance in #Rudramadevi is Superb. #GonaGannaReddy is Bunny's best performance in his career. Kudos to dialogue writer Rajsimha (Bunny's dialogues in the movie) #Rudramadevi is a brave attempt from Gunasekhar. In spite of many flaws, this film got a fair chance to work at BO coz of good script.


#Rudhramadevi ..Allu Arjun just rocked..Anushka is a superstar..Must appreciate Gunasekhar garu for the effort..Has flaws but worth watching I felt @alluarjun must do full length movie on Gona Ganna Reddy...want to know more abt him

AnjaN ‏@AnjaniAries

Clear Intention Of Movie was shown In 1st Half n SecondHalf Didn't Utilize it Properly CG n Music was Below Par .Rest all GOOD #Rudramadevi

Dinesh somala ‏@somala_dinesh

1st half done *rich in content *high in story telling *sngs minus *decent in execution so far #GonaGannaReddy is outstanding #Rudhramadevi 2nd half done Tagline:okay frgt frst half and leav it #Rudramadevi

Suresh Kondi ‏@V6_Suresh

Done with first half.. @alluarjun steals the show.. Perfect Telangana slang.. Ye.. Gammunduvyaaa... !!

Umakanth ‏@umakanthonline

My View #Rudhramadevi :One of the finest story telling film by #Gunashekar , I can forgive z grade graphics for his story telling. #Rudramadevi Story ni E genration people ki baga arthamayyela chala baga chupinchadu.Screenplay is bit slow.Horrible BGM by Illayaraja Terrific performance by #AlluArjun as #GonaGannaReddy. Despite limited screen presence he totally dominated #Anushka #Rudramadevi #Rudhramadevi leaves you with a feeling of 'something missing'. Can watch it once .Great attempt by @Gunasekhar1 .My Rating 3.5/5

AVAD ‏@avadsays

Can't say how much i loved @alluarjun in #Rudramadevi Watch the film for his antics as Gona Ganna Reddy.. his looks and diction were awesome

JustWatch MyReview ‏@Justwatchreview

#Rudhramadevi sorry to say. Other than vfx work nothing is there on movie till 1 hrs. Let's see allu entered the movie now.. #Rudhramadevi movie over. not as expected.. Last 20 min can save movie. Rana, allu not having big role. All movie running behind anu. #Rudhramadevi good vfx work but padam fulla pesuraanuga..:-) #Rudhramadevi last 30 min bit good but entire movie can watch only for visuals.rana,allu small portion and they did good job. Overall not OK

Sandeep Aatreya ‏@SandeepAatreya

#Rudhramadevi has been watched. Terrific performance by #AlluArjun as #GonaGannaReddy. Despite limited screen presence he totally dominated #AnushkaShetty too did a convincing job. However, #Rudhramadevi leaves you with a feeling of 'something missing'. Can watch it once though This is perhaps the bestest performance by #AlluArjun. He delivers pitch-perfect dialogues. True warrior #Rudhramadevi #GonaGannaReddy Mega Treat #Chiranjeevi's voice over, #AlluArjun's flawless performance & #RamCharan's #BruceLee theatrical trailer in break #Rudhramadevi

Mahadev ‏@im_mahadev

First half done #rudhramadevi...Allu Arjun exceles as Gona Ganna Reddy..! Just rocking Thank you much for doing #gongannareddy character @alluarjun You just nailed it. Superb response for your acting in theatre. #rudhramadevi

#Gonagannareddy ‏@rajavardhan7

First half far good #Rudhramadevi First half superb highlight #Gonagannareddy character @alluarjun kummesadu Overall good movie #Rudhramadevi can be watched for once . I'm very much proud of my boss @alluarjun #GonaGannaReddy Character lo jeevinchadu...slang,body language anni kummesadu anthey

Joel Jayakar ‏@ImJoelJayakar

Hardwork pays off! @Gunasekhar1 RETURNS with #Rudhramadevi My rating 9/10 PERFECT 3D, VFX, Cinematography n BGM! Congrats to the entire team Its #GonaGannaReddy all the way Truly powerful than #Rudhramadevi @alluarjun is predictably outstanding #megastar's voice-over is an asset Story of #Rudhramadevi is well-known so no need to talk about that Direction-Cinematography-VFX-BGM are so strong assisted by performances While watching I asked myself 'Am I watching a #Hollywood film?' #Rudhramadevi thrills you with stunning visuals in 3D I loved it most Don't miss #Rudhramadevi Watch it in 3D atleast once You will surely love it Congrats to the entire team and a big bow to @Gunasekhar1

Pavan ‏@pavanstweet

Battle fight dead comedy #Rudramadevi This fight is absolutely not vallabull masteru #Rudramadevi Last twenty minutes is too much amma. But otherwise well made film. This film deserves to reach wider audience #Rudramadevi Na taste chetta anukondi inkemanna anukondi amma. This is one of the finest film I have seen in ages. Wonderful story telling #Rudramadevi I can forgive z grade graphics 4 guna's story telling.Narration is slow.tuk his time 2 knit d dats d beauty of drama #Rudramadevi Every character is well built. If only he took care of graphics, this would have definitely become a classic. Not the twitter classic #mmirr For fuck sake, don't ask what happened to that character and this character.Don't laugh at marriage. See the movie and then make comments

Kishore ‏@FanKalyan

Done with #Rudhramadevi . Manchi cinema... kaani mana janali ki ekkadu... Cinema aadakapovachu.... But i loved the story telling :) Allu arjun iragadeesadu #Rudhramadevi lo (y) #GonaGannaReddy character ki 100 % justice chesadu Bunny . _/_

San Reddy ‏@sanreddy07

#Rudramadevi I spent 15$ on this movie and I'm satisfied :) Though screenplay and songs upset... story is very strong Thanks @Gunasekhar1 It's not created story like #Baahubali its real its fact #Rudramadevi is fact and those who comment on this kind of movie are sick people #Rudramadevi ane character play chesthunapudu kuda #Anushka ne adorakam ga chudatam me murkathvam ... meku history chepalankodam dharidram #GonaGannaReddy @alluarjun U nailed it ... super super @prakashraaj U r born actor ... U rule every character you play #Rudramadevi Many of us doesn't know who is who #Laxmibai and #Rudramadevi If you speak telugu know your history .. go watch #Rudramadevi

ManojKumar ‏@MK_rockstarr

@alluarjun character and performance as #GonaGannaReddy in #Rudhramadevi is simply mesmerizing Kudos to @Gunasekhar1 for the effort

Rayarao Sriram ‏@rayaraosreeram 60m60 minutes ago

Songs are speed breakers! #Rudhramadevi #Rudhramadevi #FirstHalf good first half. songs are minus. lengthy and dragged too.

T ‏@MADwritings

#Rudhramadevi - A must watch film not only to know the history but to realize what a woman can do !!

Arawind ‏@Areddy207

Wow..... Extraordinary performance of #AnushkaShetty n @RanaDaggubati especially mention to #GonaGannaReddy @alluarjun well done #GunaShekar Unexpected guest in #Rudramadevi @vennelakishore played a small rôle...Kaka nuvu sare gitla kadthava #EpicDrama @RanaDaggubati

ॐ Deepak ‏@DeepakKodela

Average 1st Half. Gona Ganna Reddy & 3D Effects Good. #Rudhramadevi Hard to get satisfied by the Local restaurant however decent it may be, just after a 5star buffet Yesterday. #Rudhramadevi #Baahubali Watch #Rudhramadevi Only in 3D for Gona Ganna Reddy. That's all about it.

Annam abhilash ‏@Abhilashannam

#Rudhramadevi is Epic See it With out Expectations You will Surely get enjoyment.for Regular #Masala Movie followers It look like slow Film

BlackMass ‏@11_389430 18m

#Rudramadevi Good try. But no continuity in the screenplay. VFX is really below par. Story is good. But story telling is bad. Abrupt ending

Soma Sekhar ‏@Tollywood_King

#Rudramadevi - Everyone knows the story is history but screenplay don't make impact like historical film. Execution is very poor.

Sirasri ‏@sirasri

Gona Ganna Reddy's opening dialogues rockkkk #Rudramadevi