At a time when its political arm Bharatiya Jana Sangh was fighting against the Emergency imposed by the then Congress government in 1975, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) was "quietly supporting" the then prime minister Indira Gandhi, former Intelligence Bureau (IB) chief TV Rajeswar has revealed.

Speaking at an interview with a news channel, Rajeswar said the then RSS chief, Balasaheb Deoras, not only "supported" Indira Gandhi in some of her decisions taken during 1975-77, but also extended his support to the Congress when elections were held after the Emergency was lifted.

"..(Deoras) quietly established a link with the PM's house and expressed strong support for several steps taken to enforce order and discipline in the country. Deoras was keen to meet Mrs Gandhi and Sanjay. But Mrs Gandhi refused," Rajeswar told India Today.

"The organization (RSS) had specifically conveyed its support to the Congress in the post-emergency elections," he added.

Rajeswar further said that the RSS wanted to establish contact with Sanjay Gandhi as well.

"Not only they (RSS) were supportive of this, they wanted to establish contact apart from Mrs Gandhi, with Sanjay Gandhi also," PTI reported.

On 25 June, 1975, Indira Gandhi had imposed a state of Emergency across the country, which lasted until 21 March, 1977. Rajeswar, who was the deputy chief of the IB during the Emergency, said that he was suprised to hear about it on radio.

Rajeswar, who served as the governor of Uttar Pradesh and Sikkim after retiring from service, was talking about his book "The Crucial Years".