Xiaomi's affordable fitness tracker and power bank will go on sale again, riding on the success of a string of flash sales in the past.

On Tuesday, the Rs. 999-worth Mi Band will be available for purchase alongside the Rs 699 Mi Power Bank on the company's website. The sale begins at 2pm and there's a countdown to keep track of the time on the website.

Xiaomi Mi Band is one of the cheapest fitness trackers in the market and accounts for the largest share of the wearables market in India. The wearable has received great response from consumers, especially in the Indian market where demand for low-budget, multi-purpose devices is on the rise.

The Xiaomi Mi Band is part of the company's extensive product portfolio, comprising smartphones, speakers, headphones and other products.

The Xiaomi Mi Band helps users track their steps, sleep and workout patterns. After pairing it with a smartphone, wearers will also get vibration alerts for missed calls and other notifications. The Mi Band can be used to unlock your smartphone by holding it in the same hand as the wearable.

Besides Mi Band flash sale, Xiaomi is also selling the 5,000mAh Mi Power Bank tomorrow. The ultra-slim power bank lets you charge your smartphones on the go and fits comfortably in the pocket. The Mi Power Bank can also be used to charge digital cameras and handheld gaming devices, making it handy during vacations.

The company also offers 10,400mAh and 16,000mAh power banks at Rs 999 and Rs 1,399, respectively.

Considering the Mi Band's extensive demand, it is expected to go out of stock in a short time. The same holds true for the Mi Power Bank, so it is wise to stay alert on the sale day if you wish to order one of these products. 

Xiaomi hasn't mentioned how many units of Mi Band and Mi Power Bank will be available on sale tomorrow. The following guide will help you to stay ahead of others while purchasing the Xiaomi products during the flash sale on Tuesday.

Tips to Buy Mi Band and Mi Power Bank During Flash Sale

  • Long on to the Xiaomi Mi Store just before the sale.
  • Keep a track of the countdown till it runs down to zero
  • Check your internet connection for speed. Use a LAN/wired connection and close other tabs while making the purchase.
  • Refresh Mi Band sale page at regular intervals to get real time countdown.
  • After the countdown ends, click on Buy quickly.
  • Once you add Mi Band/Mi Power Bank to cart, proceed to checkout.
  • Complete the order by selecting the address of delivery and making the payment. Cash on delivery is also available.