Jammu and Kashmir Police busted a huge Pakistan sponsored narco-terror module Handwara of North Kashmir on Thursday, June 11. 

Handwara SSP GV Sundeep Chakravarthy said, "Three Lashkar-e-Taiba terror associates were arrested and 21 kgs heroin was recovered which has a market value equal to Rs 100 crore and Indian currency with the value of Rs 1.34 crores was also seized.  The terror associates arrested worked closely with Pakistan LeT.

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SP Handwara further said the three have been identified. The main accused is Iftikhar Indrabi, a notorious drug smuggler who has several FIRs registered against him. The second man is his son-in-law Momin Peer and the third is Iqbal-ul-Islam. More arrests are going to take place in this module. 


(This is a developing story. More details awaited)