After multiple postponements, Ram Charan, NTR, Alia Bhatt, and Oliva Morris- starrer 'RRR' have hit the screens across the world. 'RRR' is making sound business at the global box office.

With Ram Charan and NTR in dynamic roles, the magnum opus was released a couple of days ago, opening to rave reviews across. Now that the fans find that Rajamouli has chopped off some interesting shots from the teasers released earlier, social media is filled with these discussions.

SS Rajamouli's RRR
SS Rajamouli's RRR.PR Handout

Ram Charan's teaser:

Rajamouli, who had planned terrific promotional stunts, had impressed the audience with the introductory teasers for both the heroes, earlier. Ram Charan's introductory teaser, which was released months ago, had NTR's voiceover, creating the best, first impression on RRR. 

Introducing Ram Charan from 'RRR' as the 'fire' element, Rajamouli had cut a teaser with multiple goosebump-worthy shots, which cannot be seen anywhere in the movie. In the teaser, it is shown that Ram Charan trains rigorously, as he meditates, runs, and works out. Snipping out such great shots in the movie's original cut has grabbed much discussion among the fans. 

RRR deleted scenes: Ram Charan's teaser
RRR deleted scenes: Ram Charan's teaser

 Jr. NTR's teaser: 

Rajamouli, on the other hand, had released a conjuring teaser cut for NTR, as he was established as the 'Water' element from the movie. NTR's teaser had a couple of terrific shots where the 'Simhadri' actor was introduced with Ram Charan's voice-over, as the 'Gond Warrior'. 

Fans point at a specific shot from NTR's teaser, where he is seen beside a rising tide, and question the director on why he could not afford to place the breathtaking shot in the original cut. 

RRR Deleted Scenes: NTR Teaser
RRR Deleted Scenes: NTR Teaser

It seems like Rajamouli has snipped out several other scenes for the final cut to be crispier. As there is nothing one can do about it now, fans expect Rajamouli to release all the snipped out videos soon.