The Royals
What's Cyrus scheming now? "The Royals" Finale airs Sunday at 10/9c on E!.Twitter/ Screenshot

All the demons of the past will be let loose in the finale of "The Royals" this Sunday, as every member of the royal family embarks on their own secret missions.

In a quick sneak peek, it is revealed that Princess Eleanor has dropped all charges against her bodyguard, Jasper, and is now asking him to help her with his brother's murder. She says since everyone is being manipulated by the King Regent, Cyrus, she cannot trust anyone, but Jasper - who she feels is the only one who can keep her alive.

With jasper by her side, they meet Brandon Boone, one of Robert's security detail who claims that he had murdered Robert and that there is a lot going on in the royal family that Eleanor is still unaware of.

In the official trailer released by E!, Robert is seen confronting his uncle, 'King' Cyrus. He locks the door with what looks like a sword and threatens his uncle to tell him the truth. "This is going to be interesting", Cyrus responds to his threat with a menacing smile. And that is enough provocation for Liam to lose his calm and things get bloody when he delivers punch after punch to the King Regent, demanding the truth.

The Queen, Gemma, Ophelai, and the King's security detail Ted, all seem to have taken a backseat in the finale. Though the Queen, Helena, seemed to have switched her allegiance and asked for the disbandment of the monarchy, Cyrus has been ahead of her the whole time and is planning on something more sinister.

"We'll Take care of it," says Cyrus in the trailer, when he hears that the King's life hangs in the balance. Is he planning on doing away with the King for once and for all or will Liam and Eleanor get to the truth in time and dethrone Cyrus.

Watch "The Royals" Season 1 finale titled "Our Wills and Fates Do So Contrary Run" this Sunday at 10 pm on E!, followed by a special wrap up that will feature a Q&A session with the cast members and the creator of the series, Mark Schwahn.