The promo of E! Network's scripted series "The Royals" has made its appearance on the Internet and life in the palace seems to have got a lot more complicated.

So far, we only know that season 2 will premiere sometime in November (can't hardly wait) and untlil then, fans of the show only have a measly 2-minute video to satisfy their curiosity about Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley), Princess Elanor (Alexandra Park), Prince Liam (William Moseley), Jasper and the rest of the drama that unfolds each season.

A first glance at the promo reveals that the royals are still not "one big happy family" as Queen Helena puts it. And it is revealed why.

Duke Cyrus (Jake Maskall) , now known as His Royal Highness King Cyrus, is at the helm of affairs. In season 1, Cyrus had already established himself as a power-hungry chauvinist who disregards boundaries and uses power to threaten people. Last season, he bullied Prudence into performing sexual acts for him. And when he becomes King, we can only imagine palace life taking a turn for the worse.

The most unfortunate thing about Cyrus attaining power is his ability to stamp out dissent. It would be easier for him to do it now, especially since the other characters seem to battle their own problems and thus, remain marginalised.

Elanor seems to have developed a drug addiction, Liam is most probably on a rampage to avenge his father, King Simon's death and Queen Helena discovers a dead body. Apart from this, Jasper's feelings for Elanor continue and Ophelia (Merritt Patterson), Liam's ex, seems to be back.

However, it's very interesting to note that the show's plot bears a lot of resemblance to Hamlet. After all, it is based on Michelle Ray's book, "Falling for Hamlet". For now, Cyrus' position has been elevated and he wears the coronation crown, but will Queen Helena still retain the title and marry her late husband's egotist brother?

As Alexandra Park says in the promo, "It doesn't stop, the sex, drugs and the scandal."

And finally, let's hope that Liam doesn't pontificate and suffer from an existential crisis like Hamlet.