The highly dysfunctional family of the royals will air next month, and that is a reason for joy amongst us commoners. The drama series returns with season 2, and the new trailer suggests that the TV show will have the illegitimacy issue at its core.

The new trailer for season 2 has several plotlines. King Cyrus (Jake Maskall) takes over the throne; Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) threatens to castrate him; Liam (William Moseley) and Elanor (Alexandra Park) plot to establish their presence in the royal household and the Queen Mother (Joanne Collins) makes an appearance again.

The common thread that knits Queen Helena, Liam and Elanor's motives is their desire to undermine and ultimately remove King Cyrus from the throne. In the trailer, Liam embarks on a mission to speak to the public about his late father and King, and asks for their support as he goes about finding the killer.

We can safely predict that he will be joined by his sister Elanor. The young princess puts on a fa├žade of a party girl and manages to catch the media attention, thereby increasing her popularity. Elanor will use her celebrity status to bargain her and her brother's position and safety in the royal household.

At one point in the trailer, she tells Liam, "We have to use our power to get rid of them."

In the face of a united party of three, we can expect King Cyrus to get tough on those who desist him. In the trailer, the King says, "It's time to put the balls back on this throne."

It remains to be seen if he will succeed in doing just that, because Queen Helena threatens to castrate him.

"The Royals" season 2 premiers on Sunday, November 15 at 10pm on E!.

Watch the trailer here: