The royals
The Royals is a television drama series that premiered on E! on March 15, 2015.] It was created by Mark Schwahn and is the network's first scripted series.

"The Royals" throws the royal family of England into disarray when the heir to the throne, Prince Robert, is killed in an accident. But that really does not bother the Queen (Elizabeth Hurley) much as she is more concerned about King Simon's (Vincent Regan) referendum to the government to abolish the monarchy.

The second episode introduces Gemma (Sophie Colquhoun) as Prince Liam's (William Moseley) ex-girlfriend, who attends the garden party at the palace on the queen's invitation. Gemma probably wants to return to Liam's life with the intention of becoming the future queen as Liam is next in line to the throne. Ophelia (Merritt Patterson), the present love interest of Liam, meets with Gemma at the party and strikes quite a conversation which ends with Ophelia passing out after a drinking competition with the ladies.

Meanwhile, Jasper (Tom Austen) - Eleanor's (Alexandra Park) bodyguard - continues to blackmail her highness with the video of both of them spending the night together and now Eleanor is at Jasper's beck and call. But things go haywire when, at the garden party, Eleanor decides to show him who the real boss is and plays around with Andy Sinclair, the Olympic swimmer, only to find out that Jasper will tolerate no one who comes in their way, as he knocks Andy unconscious.

The King is worried about his family and talks with one of his maids, while a love interest of the Queen is found waiting for her at her chambers. The King's brother, Prince Cyrus Henstridge (Jake Maskall), keeps up his notorious ways as it is later learnt that he can go to any extent for the throne when he is found in bed with James Holloway, a member of the Parliament.

The episode ends with Eleanor daring Jasper to leak the video because she knows that as soon as he does that, all the benefits that he is getting now will be gone in the blink of an eye. Prince Liam convinces the king to give him one more chance at the throne and to keep the referendum on hold for some days and the king allows that.

Although the promo for the third episode is not out yet, audience can expect to see Gemma and Ophelia even though Ophelia has stepped back from the Prince's life. But considering Liam's image, viewers can see some romance between Liam and Ophelia. The next episode may also reveal more about the Queen's true intentions as both she and Prince Cyrus are plotting against the King in their own individual capacities.

Viewers can tune into E! to catch the latest episode of "The Royals" this Sunday, 29 March, at 10pm, titled "We Are Pictures, or Mere Beats".