The royals
The Royals is a television drama series that premiered on E! on March 15, 2015.] It was created by Mark Schwahn and is the network's first scripted series.

It will be quite a show on this week's episode of "The Royals" titled "Sweet, Not Lasting" that is going to be aired on Sunday, 5 April, at 10pm on E! as Princess Eleanor launches her own promotional campaign in London.

In the previous episode, the royal family was having a photo shoot for a magazine and the Queen can't ignore the news of her annual fashion show not making the headlines. She is further enraged by the fact that Eleanor has leaked private information about her to the tabloids and warns her that if she keeps up with this, she will be left with nothing when the Monarchy is dismantled. But Eleanor plans on sabotaging the queen's fashion show by announcing one of her own.

Meanwhile, Prince Liam wants to take his job as the heir to the throne seriously. So he attends meetings with the King, but living up to his 'playboy' image both the twins go out for a party. Gemma, Liam's ex, drops by and all of them end up in an accident as Gemma hits a telephone booth with her car. But Jake, Eleanor's bodyguard, knocks Liam out of consciousness and both the royals escape the disaster.

Ophelia attends her classes, but she is swarmed by paparazzi at the slightest chance and during one of such escapes she bumps into Nick, one of her classmates. He is quite taken by her and he finally asks her out on a date because he is not "the hang-out" types. Ophelia does give it a second thought and probably may go out with him in the next episodes.

Eleanor asks Ophelia to dig out the truth about Jasper and they find out that he is not who he was. In fact, the Queen also warned Jake to stay careful as he might slip up.

As Liam goes on his first PR tour, it remains to be seen how the people see him as their next king. Also Liam shows weakness towards Ophelia by telling the truth about the accident. Could this mean that Liam still wants Ophelia? And will revealing the truth to her make Ophelia rethink on her date with Nick?

To watch the latest episode of "The Royals" titled "Sweet, Not Lasting" tune into E! on Sunday, 5 April, at 10pm.