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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's plan to settle in Canada may not be as easy as they think. The Royal couple is reportedly in Canada after announcing their resignation from "senior" Royal roles.

However, reportedly Meghan and Harry will no longer receive funding from the Duchy of Cornwall, nor will they undertake royal engagements. The Royal Family is apparently facing a series of changes, with Harry and Meghan stepping down from their royal duties and HRH titles as of spring this year. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have made it clear that they would be leaving the UK, choosing instead to set up shop in Canada, while splitting their time between the UK and the United States.

Reportedly, the couple is in Canada, reunited after Harry remained in the UK for two weeks to discuss his family's future. However, the couple has run into problems in Vancouver, and have issued a legal warning against paparazzi taking their photos. 

Meghan Markle
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Now reportedly there are plans in place with sources close to the Royal Household saying both Prince Charles and Prince Willian have been "reaching out" to the Sussexes. The couple has reportedly been told they can remain in the UK full-time without the pressure of carrying out royal duties if they so wish.

It is being observed by R9oyal sources that this kind of scrutiny could take a toll on the Royal couple and apparently other options of relocation are also in discussion. But, we have to say, no matter where the couple chooses to move. Scrutiny will always be part of the package. It is just something they'll have to learn to deal with, instead of running away from it.