Jacintha Saldanha
Still image taken from video shows nurse Jacintha Saldanha - Reuters

Jacintha Saldanha, the Indian-born nurse who was found dead in her nurse's lodgings after falling victim to a prank call from two Australian radio DJs, has left a suicide note blaming them for her death, reported The Sunday Times.

In December last year, Saldanha received a hoax call from the DJs pretending to be Queen Elizabeth II and put the call through a ward nurse who gave details about the Duchess of Cambridge. Duchess Kate Middleton was being treated for acute morning sickness at Edward VIIs hospital in UK during that time. The hoax call made headlines worldwide and three days later, Saldanha was found hanging in her bedroom at the hospital's staff accomodation.

The mother of two from Bristol had left three letters behind. In one of the three letters, a handwritten note was addressed to the hospital managers blaming the Australian DJs for her death. "Please accept my apologies. I am truly sorry. Thank you for all your support. I hold the radio Australians Mel Greig and Michael Christian responsible for this act. Please make them pay my mortgage. I am sorry. Jacintha," the nurse wrote in the note, according to The Sunday Times.

Following the nurse's death, the Australian DJs - Mel Greig and Michael Christian - who were working as 2Day FM presenters faced backlash and even received death threats. Ever since the incident, Mel Greig has not returned to work and co-host Michael Christian had taken a lower profile job at a Melbourne station, according to Daily Mail.

A British inquest into the nurse's death was slated to begin this week, but has been delayed. According to latest reports, Greig will appear at the inquest later this year. This has come just a day after it was reported that the nurse left a suicide note blaming the two DJs. "She (Greig) had already applied to appear at the inquest last week," a spokesman for Greig was quoted as saying by "The Age" newspaper.