Rowdy Fellow
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Nara Rohit's "Rowdy Fellow" has received positive feedback from the critics.

Helmed by lyricist-turned-director Krishna Chaitanya, "Rowdy Fellow" is an action drama with Nara Rohit and Vishaka Singh in the lead roles. The film also has Rao Ramesh, Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao, Posani Krishna Murali, Ahuti Prasad and Gollapudi Maruti Rao in supporting roles.

Plot: Rana Pratap Jayadev (Nara Rohit), a rich US-returnee, goes to any lengths to satisfy his ego. Once, he gets into an argument with a police officer (Ahuti Prasad) and joins the police department in a bid to teach him a lesson.

Rana gets posted in Kolleru in Eluru district, which is ruled by a dreaded politican Durga Prasad (Rao Ramesh). Soon, Rana learns about the troubles faced by the villagers and decides to take on the politician. How he does it forms the crux of the story.

Critics have appreciated Nara Rohit's performance stating that the actor has given a complete power-packed performance as an arrogant police officer. Rao Ramesh is another actor who has won accolades for his antagonist role in the film. Vishaka Singh has very limited screen presence, while the other actors have done their parts well, said the critics. The technical aspects of the film also received praise from them.

Rohit and Rao Ramesh's performance, dialogues and the climax are the main plus points of the film. On the flip side, slow narration hampers the film's pace.

Read Review Roundup of "Rowdy Fellow":

"Rowdy Fellow showcases Nara Rohit's tremendous growth as an actor. Even this film is different as his previous flicks and has something unique about it. The rustic set up, Nara Rohit and Rao Ramesh's tremendous performance are basic plus points. On the flip side, a slightly off-track second half and slow pace makes this film just an ok watch," according to 123telugu.

"At a time when slapstick comedies with Brahmi and Pruthvi gangs are stealing the show, somehow 'Rowdy Fellow' has attempted to break the stereotypes. Depending on situational comedy and narrative strength, director Krishna Chaitanya tried to portray a formulaic story through different eyes and dialogues," as per Tupaki.

"'Ego' happens to be his central theme though he compromised on his ego in some episodes. Working more on some trivial aspects, director has forgotten certain detailing for sure; otherwise it is a fantastic game from newcomer," the website reported.

Performances: "Nara Rohith's strength has always been dialogue delivery and unflinching expression while delivering those dialogues. However, he should watch his weight as it's affecting his body language which is very important for the character to work," wrote Jeevi of Idlebrain.

"Vishakha Singh is good looking and fits the bill. Rao Ramesh has given a comprehensive performance as the local politician. Gollapudi Maruthi Rao is excellent as a poor man. Ajay is effective with a single mannerism. Posani Krishna Murali offers entertainment as a theater owner who exhibits B-Grade movies," he added.

Technical Aspects: "Sunny MR's songs were poor & background score is decent though. OM's Cinematography is appreciable. Dialogues have been terrific and there is some in-depth meaning in every single line. Editing is the major drawback of 'Rowdy Fellow'. A bit of trimming could have helped the film look much better. Production Values are okay," according to APToday.

Verdict: Good attempt by the director; Nara Rohit's show all the way.