Rovio’s Angry Birds Cartoon Series To Land On TV Screens
The most popular app game of smartphone world – Rovio’s Angry birds will now take a big jump from their slingshot and land upon the television screens for all the fan lovers soon this year.Reuters

Rovio Entertainment, a Finnish based video game creator, is gearing up to bring in the spring update to its flagship mobile device game "Angry Birds Seasons" in a few weeks time.

Angry Birds community website, angrybirdnest, has received an exclusive teaser image of the upcoming update (episode 16) of the "Angry Birds Seasons" directly from Rovio.

The digital poster shows a starry night back ground with the title text "The New Season Update is ..." being pulled into a black hole, suggesting that the battle between the birds and pigs might take place with a new theme, may be related to space.

With April and May expected to witness a series of celestial shows such as two meteor shower events - one on 21-22 April and 4-5 May, and a partial lunar eclipse on 25 April, an annular solar eclipse on 10 May and on 20 April celebrated as Astronomy Day, Angry Birds fans can expect arch rivals birds and pigs fighting it out with the glittering spring night sky in the backdrop.

The website also reported that the "Angry Birds Seasons" episode will also include new trick shots and come with visual distinction between 'Power Up' scores and 'clean' scores which is expected to mimic the theme of the "Angry Birds Space" series.

However, there is still no word regarding the exact date of release of the new episode, but many blogs are speculating that the new spring episode might come in a few weeks time.