Roger Federer
File photo of Roger FedererANNE-CHRISTINE POUJOULAT/AFP/Getty Images

Rotterdam Open Tournament Director Richard Krajicek has revealed tennis legend Roger Federer requests to stay in a big hotel.

Richard Krajicek revealed this about the Swiss tennis ace while opening up about the requests he gets from players and sometimes they do their best to fulfil the demands of these players so that they can return to the same tournament a year later.

"Some tennis players make some requests, and we are happy to answer. We know that Federer feels comfortable in a very big hotel. So, we make him stay there in order to make him pleased, perform well and possibly come back to Rotterdam," Krajicek told ND.

"The Swede Thomas Johansson wanted to come back to his country after losing early in our event, but he suffered an eye injury and so he could not travel by aeroplane, and we brought him to Sweden by car."

"We could also say: get a car and good travel. But if you want to have a good relationship with players, you have to satisfy them. We always get congratulated for our food, and this year it went even better. We signed stars chef who really makes some great food to players," he added.

For the 2016 edition of the Rotterdam Open, Roger Federer decided to withdraw and there were no top 10 players took part in that year's tournament.

Due to that, Richard Krajicek says they have changed their approach so that they do not have to heavily rely on the likes of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal to bring the glam quotient to the Rotterdam Open.

"From that moment we changed our strategy. We did not want to remain without top ten players. We do not want to depend on a crack like Federer or Nadal. Now we bring several world class players and you already saw this year that this strategy pays off," Krajicek said.

"We are happy to have handled it this way. We approach players early and we constantly try to make the tournament as interesting as possible for these guys. We pay them well and we clearly have some entertainment at Ahoy."

"There is a lot of atmospheres, the crowd is excited and guys feel they are in the centre of attention. Also, they have a lot of room to practice, while in other tournaments you have to go training on other courts. Players like it a lot, they have the facilities near to them," he added.