Woman doing her make-up inside a car
A young woman applies makeup using the vanity mirror in her car.Getty Images- Joe Raedle / Staff

Women in Ireland will now be fined if they are caught applying makeup while driving. The police have issued a warning to female drivers about this and are making sure no important rules are missed out.

Taking to Twitter, the state police force of the Republic of Ireland — Gardai — posted two images of cars on Tuesday, February 13. The cars were pulled over with a warning that applying makeup while driving or waiting for the traffic to move is punishable by law.

The officers also revealed that they have fined two women. One of them was caught curling her eyelashes while driving.

The police wrote further that the female drivers were given a fine of €80 ($100) as they were driving "without reasonable consideration for other road users," reported Daily Mail.

The Gardai issued the warning in an artistic way: "Roses are red violets are blue, €80 (£71) fine making its way to you. Two drivers left heartbroken after being fined this morning for applying makeup whilst driving. Please drive responsibly," the tweet by the police read.

The post was flooded with comments. A few wrote that they often find motorists applying makeup while driving.

One comment read: "I've lost count of the number of women I can see in my rear view mirror putting on their mascara."

Another user wrote: "See them every AM applying their makeup eating breakfast shaving ... 80 euros is not enough."

This move comes after a report last year revealed that drivers had been found eating their breakfast and even shaving while driving. The report was based on an undercover operation conducted by the police on some of the busiest roads of Britain.

Around one-fifth of the female motorists have the habit of touching up their mascara while driving, according to a previous study by women's motor insurer Diamond. Around 3 percent of the drivers admitted to causing a collision while applying cosmetics.

The study also showed that among 4,000 female drivers, young women aged between 17 and 21, usually apply makeup while driving and are most liable to crash their car out of distraction.

The severe measure, undertaken to penalize distracted drivers, has so far led to 213 people being stopped for various offenses such as for reading and eating while driving. The UK legislation does not directly mention shaving and eating while driving as offenses, but drivers can still be penalized for not driving attentively.