In the latest episode of CBC's "The Romeo Section" titled "Whiskey Jack", it seems that after mistakenly stepping into Miguel's room, Eva overhears something about Miguel that shocks her.

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According to the synopsis of the episode, a mysterious stranger accosts Lily, while the General rendezvoused with a man from his past.

Vince lands in a tough spot and Rufus readies for a difficult assignment. Meanwhile, Eva is an eyewitness to Miguel's unravelling.

It seems that the new stranger is familiar with Lily and even though she is not able to recognise him, he talks in a very familiar manner. There is a possibility that the stranger is his boyfriend whom she assumed dead when he failed to respond to her messages and calls for years. However, there has been no such official confirmation yet.

It seems that Lily is not the only one who is getting visitors. The General meets a person whom he hadn't seen for years and it flabbergasted him. Unable to think properly, General listens to the man who gives him a news that is surely not a good one.

Vince is irritated to be assigned an assignment in which he is not even interested, but given that it has been a direct order from the General, he is left with no choice but to follow it. However, due to his carelessness, he does a terrible blunder and now he is stuck in a tough spot.

Elsewhere, Rufus finally gets a chance to prove his worth as General assigns him a task. However, he soon realises that the task has been intentionally a difficult one and he would have to make a lot of effort to finish it. Determined, he decides to complete it at any cost risking his life and proving to the General that he has 'got it in him'.

The mystery behind the new stranger who visits Lily and his intentions will be revealed only in the next episode.