Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim
Yoo Yeon-seok as Kang Dong-joo in SBS period drama Romantic Doctor: Teacher Kim.Twitter/SBSNOW

Medical drama Romantic Doctor: Teacher Kim will take its viewers through a roller-coaster of events in episode 3. The sequel will be aired next Monday, November 14, at 10 pm EST on SBS. 

Episode 2 of the period drama returned with a time-jump of five years and showed the whereabouts of Kang Dong-joo and Yoon Seo-jung. While the young intern finished his studies and managed to get a job in Geodae Hospital, the final year medical student joined Doldam Hospital as a surgeon.

Ever since the show aired its premiere episode, the viewers were sceptical about the characteristics of Do Yoon-wan. He has been playing the big badass since the beginning. He made his next evil move by prompting Yoo Yeon-seok's character to attend a VIP patient, who did not have even 5 percent chances of survival.

But the young doctor was blamed for the patient's death and was transferred to a rural hospital called Doldam Hospital, wherein he met his senior again. He was also introduced to the title character Kim Sa-bu a.k.a Bu Youg-ju.

For Seo Hyun-jin's character, she is yet to recover from the injuries caused by the car accident in episode 1. The character is also going through some psychological problems as she feels that instructor Moon's soul is haunting her. Towards the end of the episode, she injured herself with a surgical tool.

Episode 3 will pick up right from where it left off and will feature odd conversations between the lead pair. The trailer shows Seo-jung blaming Dong-joo for everything that has happened in her life. The clip begins with a shot of the young male doctor thinking to himself why his senior is in such a strange place.

The promo then takes viewers through a conversation between the onscreen couple, wherein the female protagonist tells her junior, "You are the one making things more complicated for me." The video also shows Teacher Kim shouting at the female lead and asking her to leave the place.

The sneak peek video ends with a conversation between the male protagonist and the newly appointed doctor, wherein the former tells the latter about his life at Geodae Hospital. So the mini-series could reveal the reason for him to leave the job and start practicing as a neighbourhood resident doctor in the upcoming episode.