Teacher Kim
No new episode for SBS medical drama Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim.Facebook/SBS

The chief surgeon of Doldam Hospital, Kim Sa-bu a.k.a Boo Yong-joo will have to make a tough decision in Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim episode 13. He will have to choose between Yoon Seo-jung, Kang Dong-joo and Do In-bum to assist him in the surgery of chairman Shin.

It will be a golden opportunity for the junior surgeons to be a part of the heart operation, but since it's not a major surgery only one of them can assist. While head nurse Oh Myeong-shim has suggested the female doctor's name, executive director Jang Gi-tae prefers Yoo Yeon-seok's character.

Even the male protagonist had their names in his mind until President Do Yoon-wan's son asked him if he can assist. Yang Se-jong's character has no intentions to get involved in the internal politics and he is just doing it as per his father's instructions.

The antagonist has his own evil plans in mind to use his son against the rival. So the decision of Han Suk-kyu's character will have big consequences for the young surgeons. It will also have a major impact on the future of Doldam Hospital.

Meanwhile, it will also be interesting to watch chief surgeon Song Hyun-cheol teaming up with the staff members of Geodae Hospital for postponing the surgery of chairman Shin. Freelance anaesthesiologist Nam Do-il and male nurse Park Eun-tak might also play an important role in the upcoming episode.

Since SBS is yet to release the official trailer and promotional images, the fans will have to wait for the telecast of Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim episode 13 on December 19. Until then, they can catch up with the first 12 episodes of the Korean mini-series online here.