Rohit Sharma, Hardik Pandya
Rohit Sharma, Hardik PandyaTwitter

Rohit Sharma has finally broken his silence on the whole Hardik Pandya controversy. Ever since the Mumbai Indians management announced Hardik Pandya as the new MI captain, the whole nation seemed to have been left in a state of shock. Despite Rohit's phenomenal run spree in the last IPL matches, his sudden removal from being the MI captain had left cricket lovers all across the globe quite furious.

Rohit on playing under Pandya's captaincy

While Rohit stayed away from the media glare, the Indian T20 WC skipper has now broken his silence. "See, it is part of life. Not everything will go your way. It has been a great experience," he said in a media interaction. "Before (also), I have not been captain and I have played under a lot of captains. It is no different or new to me," he further added.

Not just MI but even Hardik Pandya's form has been poor this year. Rohit too hasn't had the best cricketing experience on the field this time around. "Whatever is there and you go by it and then try and do what is required from you as a player. I have only tried to do that in the last one month or so," Sharma said.

What Aaron Finch said about Pandya

Several cricket commentators, former players and analysers commented on the Hardik replacing Rohit Sharma move by the MI. At one point in the IPL, everyone felt that the new MI skipper was under a lot of pressure and his team seemed incoherent.

"He just looks really flattened at the moment; he looks really drained and someone who is feeling the pressure. I feel for him. I have been in that situation myself where everything that you're trying personally doesn't seem to be working," Aaron Finch said about Hardik Pandya's poor performance as a captain and as a player.