The year 2017 has been absolutely wonderful for the Swiss ace, Roger Federer, who had already won two grand slams that he contested this season. It has been more than half a season, and Fedex has turned the clock with his vintage performance.

Besides Federer, his arch-rival Rafael Nadal also deserves a special mention as the Spaniard has shown some great form in 2017. With Federer and Nadal in great form and titles to their name, the duo has also inched closer to becoming the world number one after some poor performances from the superstars of last season, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray.

As per the latest rankings, Murray on 7,750 points still stands at the top, followed by Nadal, who has a huge chance to become world number one. For that to happen, Nadal needs to reach the semifinals of the ongoing Montreal Open.

Nadal, who has 7,465 points, is on the verge of becoming world number one. Hardly anyone would have thought about it last year when he spent most of his time on the sidelines due to injury. 2017 has changed everything for him, and there is a spring in his step with lots of energy, which makes him a special player.

Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, world number one
Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.Reuters

World number three Federer with 6,545 points will also be eager to catch Nadal and overtake him at the top, but the Swiss machine said that he wants Nadal to become world number one.

"It would be absolutely massive. I remember when he was injured last year, and here he is a few matches away from clinching world No.1. It seems very far, yet it's very near so he just has to stay focused," Tennis World USA quoted Federer as saying.

"I hope for him that he makes it, and if not I'm happy for Andy to get another week at No.1 because the run that he showed was tremendous – I have unbelievable respect for Andy. There will be a changing of the guard at world No.1 level, and I hope for Rafa he can get there."

Such kind comments from the star player make him one of the favourite players in the ATP circuit. His words reflect the love and respect he has for his fellow rival.