Tennis legend Roger Federer has gone on to give out details about his upbringing and the importance it has had on his early stages of his career.

The Swiss tennis ace has won 20 Grand Slam titles so far. The 37 year old is leading the list for the most number of Men's Singles titles in an open era. Roger Federer went on to reveal how his parents gave him enough space that he required while growing up. It has been an example for him to behave the same fashion with his own kids now.

"They let me live and gave me the space I required and needed to grow," Federer told Tennis Channel on his parents, as reported by Tennis World USA.

"And, I see that now with my daughters as well, they are powerful characters, and my wife is quite stubborn. I was very much testing the boundaries and limits of my parents and I see that with my kids now, they are doing that too so you can either clamp down on them or you can give them that room they need to, yet as long as they know the boundaries is okay and I felt like they had the good balance," he added.

Roger Federer
Justin Setterfield/Getty Images

Roger Federer is also of the belief that growing up in Switzerland has helped his polite nature.

"I think being polite comes from growing up in Switzerland and the understanding that it's normal to have that, to respect everyone, to be polite to especially the elders. Like it's in a tram if somebody is standing and you are the young kid you are standing you give the place," said the former world number one.

Roger Federer also revealed the names of those people who helped him shape his career. This includes his wife Mirka Federer and several other key personalities.

"Little things like this was for me very normal, and then I just think later on as I got on Tour I had some incredible people who sort mentored me and guided me like Peter Carter, Peter Lundgren, Tony Roche, and then my fitness coach Pierre Paganini early on, so in that spell from sort of 16 to 24, when you are really going from boy to man, I really had great people and then, of course, Mirka was there at that time which I was very important for me," Roger Federer went on to say.