Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer look to make and break records. Reuters.

Come Wimbledon this year, Roger Federer could not only add to his record 17 grand slam titles but can also surpass Pete Sampras' record of seven Wimbledon titles. Samprass recently said that Federer is totally capable of beating his record.

"I'm happy he's being positive about my game," the Swiss champ said. "I think it does say something. It counts. It gives me extra confidence to know that someone like him believes in me, is in my corner, and I can always call him up and ask him for any advice.

"I don't want to break his records necessarily. That's not what I'm playing for. I'm playing for myself, for my team, for my country, you name it."

"I'm happy things are going better now again this year."

Asked if world no. 1 Rafael Nadal could break his Grand Slam record, Federer was positive both about his and Nadal's games. Nadal had earlier stated that he was not sure if he could match or break Federer's record

"Could Rafa eclipse my record? Yeah, absolutely," Federer replied. "But the good thing is I am still playing and my goal is to add more titles to my count.

"I am playing top tennis. For me it's just a matter of staying healthy, staying consistent and getting to semis and finals. I feel as if I'm in as good a shape as I have been for a year, so that's very encouraging. I feel my best tennis is around the corner."

Federer started the season with a racquet switch. The bigger frame has made him comfortable in his serves and has stolen some credit off his recent victories. He reached the finals in Brisbane and made it to the semifinals of the Australian Open.

"I did have times where maybe I didn't serve so well or I struggled with my backhand, with the timing and so forth. Now, I feel like even on a bad day, I have the power on the serve, and I do hit my backhand easier. It's just important that I can do it consistently at the most important stages of the match in the biggest matches and that my forehand is clutch when I need it.

"I think that's really what I expect from the racquet, and so far it's been very good."

Federer starts pretty much every match as the favourite, and asked if that's too much pressure, Federer responded: "It's nice being the guy everybody is sort of chasing.

"I feel like I am enjoying myself out on the court. I don't get too carried away or too nervous necessarily every single match. I don't get stomach cramps like I used to when I was younger. It's a bit more enjoyable now these days."