Tennis legend Roger Federer is of the belief the future of the sport is in good hands once he and Rafael Nadal retires. The 20 time Grand Slam winner says tennis is bigger than any individual, so Roger Federer does not consider himself to be bigger than tennis.

"Tennis is bigger than the player. That's one thing we have to remember, but I think we do things in sports with friendship so I am happy is there, that we can continue our rivalry," said Roger Federer, as reported by Tennis World USA.

Roger Federer has had few blows in his professional career. The Swiss tennis ace knows it is not possible to win each and every tournament you take part it. This makes it easier for Roger Federer to deal with defeats that come his way. Though, he is not on the same page when it comes to criticism written against him in the press.

"We cannot all win all the time. There is a very brutal system in tennis, you lose, you are out of the tournament, a lot of things have been written, if you do not win for five tournaments they say you are in a crisis, somebody else wins in the tournament and there is a new superstar. Things in tennis move very quickly so I am very proud of my career," said Roger Federer.

Roger Federer
Julian Finney/Getty Images

The 37 year old said it is not that difficult to be like Roger Federer.

"Not that difficult. We tennis players are very flexible, very open for different cultures, religions, continents, people. I love meeting new people around the world and I love the travelling. If you do not like that, then it's very difficult to be Roger Federer. But if you like that, it's very easy. Tennis is very healthy, so it's not really difficult to be Roger Federer," he said.

At this point in his career, Roger Federer is still focused on improving his game. He also says the people around him are wonderful, which makes his job easier.

"I think you gotta keep training and make sure you improve certain aspects of your game. I have really been working hard to improve my game looking forward and volleying and that's been working very well. I have a great team and a wonderful family around, so I try to stay on tour as long as possible but I need success to feel my motivation and at the moment it's all working very well," he added.