Roger Federer claims changing the frame of his racket has helped him improve and also made various other areas of the game "easier."

The 36-year-old was using frame 85 until 2002 before improving the size to 90. Four years ago, he further extended the size to 97, which, according to him, is much easier to play every single day.

He stressed that adapting to the bigger frame meant he had to make adjustments to the way he trained and played. However, the world No.1 believes that increasing the frame size of the racket has helped him improve his game overall.

"Well, I just feel like - so there are three frames. The 85, the 90, the 97. I had the 85 to 2002, the 90 from 2002 to 2014, and the 97 from then on. I just feel like the one I play right now, RF97, is just easier to play on every single day," Federer was quoted as saying by Express.

"It gives me easier power on the serve, allows me to attack the backhand more, allows me to hit easier backhand half-volley as well.

"I have had to do some minor adjustments may be on the slice and on the forehand, you know, which were — it was always working, so I just had some adjustments to make there, but I feel like it's helped me just overall on every single day that it's just easier to play tennis.

"The other ones you had to feel really good, focus, move your legs, you had to be on at all times to play with it.

"So this one seems a bit easier, and I think it's helped me to keep my confidence up for longer periods of time maybe."

Roger Federer
Roger Federer starts as the top seed at Miami Open 2018.Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Since the start of 2017, Federer has been in fine form. He won three Grand Slam – two Australian Open titles and one Wimbledon in the process. In addition to this, he returned to the top of the ATP rankings in February.

The 20-time Grand Slam winner explains how the habit of winning has an impact on his daily life.

"It's just a nice feeling. You're happier on a daily basis. I guess maybe when you haven't won a lot or you've lost a lot, you always wonder and ask yourself what else could I do, what do I need to change," he explained.

"Even if you have a long-term plan you don't feel like there are changes required, you just need matches, you need wins, you need momentum

"But on a daily basis, it's just easier when you're winning a lot and that's what I've done. This year has been a lot of fun, I really enjoyed myself. "Reached a lot of goals in the process too like world number one, another Grand Slam title in the bag.

"It's been a fun ride and there's a lot of attention, a lot of energy around my matches which also helped me to play better."

Federer is currently in the US, participating in the ongoing 2018 Miami Open. Having won the tournament last year, the Swiss tennis star is one of the firm favourites to retain his title.