Mahmmadsoyam Ladka
Mahmmadsoyam Ladka

Star performer Mahmmadsoyam Ladka also known by his stage name Soyam Ladka is a rockstar in every sense. The heartthrob of Kutch is a professional drummer. Hailing from a middle-class family, he always dreamt of becoming a top drummer. He began his career with Bollywood's top music composer Viju Shah in the year 2009. Playing the drums had been his passion which he turned into his profession. Over the years, he has shared the stage with singers like Arijit Singh, Ankit Trivedi, Bhoomi Trivedi, Pratibha Singh Baghel, rap king Raftaar, Neha Kakkar, Anand Ji, Javed Ali and many more prominent names from the music industry.

Talking about playing the first drum, Soyam said, "It was a regular drum that I played for the first time in my life. I became so obsessed with playing the drums that I started giving my own beats and experimented with different styles of playing the drums." After the regular drum, he tried his hand by playing the leaked drum and the fire drum. He stunned everyone by playing the fire drum, where he took the stick of fire, played the drum and made everyone dance to it. Besides this, he has made many B-Town stars shake a leg on his drum beats which an achievement for the Kutch rockstar.

Moreover, he took the internet by storm when he went viral on a post of Terribly Gujarati Tales. With performing shows everywhere, he loves Kutch so much that every new discovery of his music, he wants to start from his homeland. He added a feather in his cap when he was in the top 10 of the TV reality show India's Got Talent Season 7. Not just a bass drummer or a liquid drummer but he is the first 'Fire Drummer' and first 'Flying Drummer' of India.

It is believed that on September 22, Soyam Ladka will introduce a drum designed by himself. The unique thing about it is that the drum is of the size of a big football which has sixteen drums inside it. With being a very gigantic drum, he can go inside it and play it. This drum is named after him and is called as 'Soyam Ashwathama Drum'. The inspiration behind naming the drum is 'Ashwathama' who is considered as immortal. The power of an artist is in his art and this young man is truly making everyone in awe of him.

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